And Now, The Real News: iPod nano

The iPod nano (page at Apple), which effectively outclasses, outguns and outsexes the ROKR/iPhone as far as I'm concerned. Pundits are already pegging sales forecasts at 12 million units over Xmas (which is a bit of a stretch considering Apple has probably shipped a bit over twenty million since the initial iPod, and sales never follow forecasts...).

The black one is especially nice, and is likely to spawn an entire new set of "Apple is going to launch a sleek black Intel PowerBook" rumors... What next, black iMacs?

Nah, I don't think I'll ever have a NeXTStation again...

...and The Polished Metal Spoiler

We're also getting a cleaner, leaner iTunes that skips a lot of the metal borders, gives us yet another inconsistent "polished metal" (flatter than the traditional "brushed metal") look and breaks my home DAAP server.

Can't for the life of me figure out why, but iTunes complains that "The shared library foo is not compatible with this version of iTunes".

So, here's the obligatory navigation warning -

Warning: If you're running a DAAP server such as mt-daapd to serve your music collection, do not upgrade to iTunes 5 yet.

4.9 can see 5.0 (and vice versa), but there have been some protocol changes. Time to check out the CVS version, see if someone is trying to fix this, and backport the fix (if it's simple enough) to the NSLU2...

Update (2): The spool has a bit more detail on this, including compatibility with the DAAP Perl libraries. And check this forum thread for updated packages for most architectures (including the NSLU2).

...and a Minor Update on an Update

I'll give it a week or two. In the meantime, a bit of good news regarding Apple software: Whatever they did in the last Safari update has apparently fixed it for me.

Now if only they could get to stop complaining about not being able to connect to "port 0" on my mail server...