Cool News

It's Saturday morning and it's 27C outside, so this is as cool as it gets right now.

  • Gruber points out the inaccuracies in Cory Doctorow's last tin foil DRM rant. A must read.
  • I haven't paid much (in fact, any) attention to the news about HDCP in Vista, but this is getting truly ridiculous. The monitor is going to get DRM? Heck, I like the idea of monitors getting an Ethernet port (which is a likely commercial offshoot of the Ndiyo project), but having them mess with the framebuffer?
  • It's been a whole week, and there's still a single match for Confluence in Technorati, which leads me to believe they aren't indexing squat when it comes to my site. I'll be trying to figure out why, but my personal bet is that their indexer gets confused with the site's Wikiness and the number of feeds I have available.
  • Some Python links of interest: