Odds and Ends

[email protected]$ tail -f /tmp/links | commentary

  • Inkscape 0.42 is now available in the extras yum repository for Fedora Core 4. I can see myself using it under Linux, but am still looking for a decent Mac OS X vector editor.
  • I'm astounded at the potential mess that Creationism (no matter if they relabel it as Intelligent Design) is going to make out of US education, not to mention the way the separation between Church and State is being trampled. Evolution isn't just a Gnome application, guys - it's the only scientific theory that fully explains our being here. Update: I forgot about the Flying Spaghetti Monster (via Rob).
  • MochiKit has been updated to version 0.70. I still like Prototype better (sure, it's mostly undocumented, but it has plenty of samples).
  • TiddlyWiki has been updated again, and there is a bunch of CSS themes available for it.
  • Palm is apparently on the verge of making sure I never touch another Treo again. Provided this isn't a hoax, of course.