Real News

And now, for something completely different from that "iPod broadcasting" thing:

  • The iPod now has a color screen as standard - which means that the iPod Photo is now the iPod, with corresponding price and capacity adjustments.
  • Yeah, yeah, there are apparently phone icons in iTunes 4.9. The iPhone may be closer, but then again, there were WMA and Ogg icons in there too, right? Okay, I've admitted before that I don't like the idea of Motorola (of all people) being Apple's front runner in this - it puts a considerable dent on my expectations towards the thing...
  • If Java is your thing, you should know Eclipse 3.1 is out. I'll stick to vim, thanks. It tends to work better over GPRS links.
  • Virtual PC has been finally updated for Tiger, with version 7.0.2 reinstating the virtual switch (i.e., Ethernet bridging) functionality.
  • Davi switched to Dovecot, which may be interesting for anyone else having problems with and IMAP prefixes (I have been putting off messing with my own IMAP box until someone else took the plunge, but now that Fedora Core 4 is out and that I have only one Core 3 box left. this is back near the top of the agenda).
  • As if Google Maps hadn't been enough of a distraction (although it is extremely useful to get visual bearings on what were anonymous dots in 3G coverage charts), now we have Google Earth (no Mac version yet, but they're working on it).
  • Les Orchard takes a stab at the SQLite database that underlies Safari RSS, and finds an intriguing menagerie of fields.
  • Finally, an interesting question on Slashdot. Maybe it's my extreme myopia, but I like to keep track of all sorts of Assistive Technologies, and stuff like BLinux is more than just a curiosity - it's damn useful.

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