Five Pieces of Geek Jargon You're Likely To Hear Soon

(Dreamed up on my during today's commute)

  • Tiddling: Jotting down a quick note in TiddlyWiki (or, increasingly, in GTDTiddlyWiki).
  • Single-Track Railing: Porting Rails to your pet language, just because.
  • Intra-Greasing: Using GreaseMonkey to touch up public web sites so that they look like part of your corporate intranet (and you can keep them open all the time).
  • Pod Bites: Selected podcast snippets that let you skip lots of inane and useless chatter and get to the meat of things (extra brownie points go to the first geek that sets up a TinyURL-like service that lets you link directly to the relevant byte offsets inside a podcast).
  • Dash Twitching: Compulsively calling up to check on some useless piece of information that suddenly becomes imbued with some deep, personal meaning.