Five Almost-Killer Applications in Tablet Form

Stuff that crossed my mind today when I reviewed the 770 press coverage (the recurring theme was Nokia's apparent bungee jumping off the broken bridge of webpad market share, but I, for one, have a use for such a device, provided the recognizer is fast enough):

  • A Newton emulator for the Nokia 770 (okay, not an emulator, but a Newton-like shell)
  • A pen-based note-taking application somewhere between Tomboy and VoodooPad.
  • Mapping and route planning (using a Bluetooth GPS).
  • Economist subscriptions in PDF form.
  • And, of course, H.264 video. But I don't think there is a real market for this one, and it would require some serious CPU power and storage.

Minor Note of Questionable Relevance: I still hate Mondays, but coding some Python tends to make up for it. And although my NewWikiMigration isn't on Rails, it's starting to get some neat FX - if only Safari didn't crash with those...