Attack of the Clones

Spent some time fiddling with a clone of this site, running off a db4 file on the new server. That setup is just to check some CSS stuff and nothing I fiddled with is actually visible, but moving to the new server raises some migration issues (like character encodings), so I am going to have to devote a lot more time to that sort of niggling detail than I originally expected.

Which is, in its own twisted way, a good thing, since it drives home the point that my NewWikiMigration (when it happens) is going to have to take into account some of this junk.

And speaking of UTF-8 support, I spent a few entertaining hours this week patiently sorting out UTF-8 support on my 's Samba server, and figured out in the meantime that uses Normal Form D while uses Normal Form C to store filenames - something that Samba fortunately appears to take care of, but which is, nevertheless, quite unnerving when you're trying to create test cases for filename conversion.

As to the world at large, there is remarkably little of interest in the news these days, although Asterisco has turned into a very high-traffic site - pretty much everyone who is anyone in the Portuguese geek blogosphere (or whatever you care to call it) is there.

And since I started out on the subject of clones, this seems like a good time to mention that I suspect the usual amount of wannabes won't be that far behind...

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