Mid-Week Rant

I am positively underwhelmed by the LifeDrive (pretty much as I by the T5, actually). Any portable device that has a two-year-old OS, proprietary connectors and comments from its reviewers such as "somewhat slow" and "jack of all trades, master of none" deserves to sink without a trace - and history has shown that is precisely what happens.

I honestly don't get Palm's current strategy - most notably, how they drifted from simple, efficient, lean devices that did a few things very well (the recipe, if you will) to this sort of bloated mis-featured monstrosity - and even though I find s to usually be bad investments (unless you catch them close to the start of each OS release), if I had to buy a PDA I would either look to a top-of-the-line iPAQ (which has a far worse GUI, but is more functional) or lower down in Palm's product range.

That said, I will keep waiting for my , and using a paper notebook whenever I feel like scribbling.