The Near-Perfect PDA?

While I was at the beach, everyone was raving about (or against) the new T5, which gets a lot of things right and is actually pretty close to my original Perfect PDA concept - it's got Bluetooth support, a reasonably decent screen (although 320x480 is looking a bit on the iffy side these days) and can be used as an USB drive. But, of course, there seem to be some glaring mistakes (like the lack of a built-in, standard USB port, a microphone, and a decent OS revision).

Those, coupled with the recent noise about Palm dropping Mac support, a certain lack of consistency between devices (the T5 now uses Blazer for a browser, which is good but show indecision on Palm's part) and the tendency of bundling in a lot of bloatware junk (like RealPlayer) of little practical use, make me wonder if Palm isn't losing its innovative edge and just keeps churning out more of the same in slimmer format.

The flash backup feature worries me a bit, though - there are no battery life estimates yet, but with such a fancy color screen (one feature I, for one, would swap instantly for a decent-resolution monochrome screen), you just have to wonder...