You Don't Know Jack, And You Don't Know Me

Don't you just hate it when people you work with make clueless jokes about your web site and haven't the faintest idea of what a Disclaimer is, or the kind of loyalty and commitment to your company the fact I bothered to put it on my personal site represents?

Kinda reminds me of my reply to Tim Bray's post some months back.

I can get people not understanding why I'd rather use a PowerBook at work (if they won't try to understand why, it's not my place to explain it to them), but I definitely can't get people who don't understand the difference between personal and professional spaces, or who pick up stuff from general GTD posts and try to infer amazingly stupid internalpolitik stuff from them.

(On second thought, it's quite likely that they don't even know what GTD means...)

Maybe it's the way I use this as a sort of scrapbook for all things technical, but sometimes I have trouble dealing with the hypocrisy from people I've "caught" looking up stuff in my SIP page, running queries for an obscure WAP header, or any of the other umpteen nodes related to networking, programming languages, etc.

if Scott Adams ever gets Dilbert blogging, these people are going to have a field day.

That said, here are some interesting news:

  • Microsoft officially announced Windows Mobile 2005, er... 5.0. The joke going around is that (like with Windows Mobile 2003) the first devices would come out in 2006 - so the OS would be dated by then. There are a few interesting mobile-related features (like one-handed operation and video calling) that I'm curious to see first hand, however.
  • Fedora Core 4 Test 3 is out (release notes). Now this is something to look forward to when it's released...
  • As Seen On TV - the mystery, the nickname, the strange phenomena that consists of someone either actually trying to educate the unwashed masses at Slashdot, or making fun of the entire geek collective with consummate style.
  • Nokia Sensor, an incomparably stupid idea if I ever saw one - you mean that people will actually socialize via mobile phone in a 10 meter range? What happened to "Hi, my name is..."? Update: ouch, it whistles at you...
  • Oh, yeah, like it was worth the effort to check that mobile phone viruses can't infect a Toyota Prius - two completely different computer architectures bridged by an exceedingly dumb and ineffective virus? Come on, 5-year-olds know it can't possibly work. Nice product placement, though.
  • Why checking your reporter's sources is generally a good idea, especially if you're a cutting edge magazine.

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