Sunday Musings

Finally got around to catching up on RSS (nearly got to last Wednesday). Lots of e-mail too, but that will be later.

  • Fancy a Cocoa web browser written in Ruby? I think I can hear insane cackling from further down the street...
  • Half an hour later, and I'm laughing myself (print version). I'm going to have a ball sending this link around next week...
  • Don't you just love it when your come true? When I finally migrate this site and set up my as my main home server, I intend to sell off my external Firewire drives and get one of these (via Thurrott). Or maybe I'll wait until there is a 1TB model...
  • Delicious Library will be updated as comes out. Of course, some folk are getting theirs already (one way or the other), and mailing-lists are filled with enthusiastic upgraders. Me, I'll probably wait for 10.4.1 until I upgrade my .
  • End HTTP Abuse. Couldn't agree more, but for an entirely different reason - idiots mis-using GET have single-handedly created more security holes in web applications than any other programming technique I know of. A bit more here if you want to explore the framework angle.
  • Typo 2.0, one of the things I've been looking at after my . Somehow mashing Typo and Instiki together and adding a hierarchical filesystem-based store is one way to go, and I've even got a name for the result: ("grill" in ).
  • Penguins as an airline security threat (via Schneier). Even they seem to be embarassed by metal detectors.

A minor note to browser visitors - my RSS and Atom feeds have a lot more information than the stuff I post on the front page, so you might want to have a look at them (check the sidebar for plain and non-image versions).