Minor Outage

Woken up at 5AM by the bleating of my UPSes, but too late to safely power down all my boxes (had intriguing dreams of searching the woods for source of persistent beeping). Turns out power failed around 4AM and took a while to come back (way beyond their capacity).

It looks (or rather, sounds) like one of the PC's PSU fans is shot - ironically, the one from the only PC I wasn't planning on getting rid of, which might mean minor (but uncalled for) expense. Fortunately, my Mac mini wasn't on - wouldn't want to troubleshoot problems with that this early in the morning.

All the more incentive to move the site to Melo's box ASAP, I guess.

Update: SubEthaEdit 2.1.2 is out, and my silence today is due to spending the evening both mulling an interesting career opportunity and looking at some very impressive Ruby on Rails stuff. The language feels strange, but I can see myself dragging the Tao kicking and screaming into it (as long as the built-in HTTP server is up to the task - I'd like to have something leaner than Apache).