An Unusually Quiet Monday least on average. And quite productive, with only a couple of major interruptions. Not much in the news, but there are the usual interesting odds and ends:

  • Now even alarm clocks play . And, incidentally, they're white. Coincidence? I think not.
  • seems to be in a mood. Not that the local spats regarding their assimilation of a local TV station's site (a perfectly natural thing, if you ask me) have anything to do with the upcoming Xbox launch, but there is something to be said about debuting a next-generation console on MTV. I can see it now - Frodo gushing about his newfound "precious", as his sword glows a radioactive green...
  • The whole on laptops thing seems to have come and gone again, but I took notice of it lying in my RSS inbox right when I've started considering dual-booting my work machine again. Yes, even after my , I'll probably take another crack at it - except that unlike your average geek, I actually want to use my laptop as... a laptop (i.e., with the clean, no-fuss suspend/resume goodness of my iBook), so power management is first and foremost on my list. More on that later, if I survive the week.
  • And speaking of my RSS inbox, has just added regular expression content filtering, enabling you to easily get rid of all that advertising garbage that has started to litter your regular news diet. Take that, Feedburner. :)

And that's about it, I guess.