Miss Congenial Allergy

...is back. So, as I try to focus beyond the confines of my throbbing sinuses and sit on the couch gasping like a beached porpoise, I'm preparing to move this site to a new server (a tricky and convoluted process that will entail some testing, although I've done it a couple of times in the past).

No, it's not the NewWikiMigration yet. I've been making slow but steady progress with Snakelets, and the actual Wiki engine is still not working, but I've been looking at some of the really neat stuff being done out there and writing small snippets of code.

One of the main departures from the standard Wiki approach is that I want the entire thing to be a directly editable, rsyncable file tree, with images stored alongside the original markup. This calls for some trickery where it regards adding and removing pages (since updates might not come from the Web interface), updating link tables, indexing contents, versioning, etc.

But there will be a "normal" Wiki web interface, and one of the problems with that is that all the Ajax pizzazz floating around the web right now is making me waste time figuring out if I have any use for it.

There's certainly a lot of fancy UI trickery going on around Ajax, but little of it has the utter brilliance of Lickr, which I found via Simon's post. I think portions of it may find a place in my photo album, but it will take a while to make it truly cross-browser, and I've always loathed JavaScript...

Planetary Issues

In other news, I've joined asterisco, a local (Portuguese, for the whopping majority of people who drop in from the US) "planet"-like blog aggregator. I had already been dragged into PT geekBlogs, macread and a couple of others, but this time I authorized it.

An important tidbit is that my RSS and Atom feeds were tweaked to add a "blog" category to front-page posts - drop me a line if it causes your aggregator to blow up.

I'm also getting a lot of referrals from Planet Gnome guys, some to my notes (yeah, I went and installed it again, and it's still not that exciting - "enduring" is an appropriate word for the experience), but mostly due to my DAAP HOWTO.

I wonder if there is a "planet" for bloggers anywhere. I don't think I ever found one - heck, there's an entire planet outside my window (apparently filled with irritating polen, too).

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