"You're The Only Guy Here In a Suit and Tie"

Sometimes office life makes Dilbert seem mostly harmless.

Still, it was a fairly good day, even if an odd one.

Update: A minor comment on Matt's mishap (besides the obvious one that he really should have read my HOWTO): The Mac OS X "folder replacement" behavior is not at fault. Years of brain-dead Windows usage are, for moving identically named folders on top of each other has worked like this for decades now in real operating systems, ever since somebody coded mv - the original version without the -i switch (which has actually become the default in several modern UNIX systems). Gruber, as usual, has a solution, and one that should be trivial to implement, but the follow-up discussion at Matt's site has got to be one of the best examples of dumb arguments being thrown around without any knowledge of how things work.

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