Link Mode, The Sequel

  • Finally, a new metallic Nokia, which is being heralded as "the new 8000 series" - I just picked up an 8310 to use as backup phone, and the joy of having something small, simple and practical in my hand is a breath of fresh air when compared to todays' big, fiddly, crashy phones. The original pics, however, show that the thing believes itself to be a 7600, which is interesting.
  • The N-Gage keeps coming back. Even with the delays, I just don't see it being successful - but I do see it being worse.
  • Am I the only one who finds it funny that the packaging for the looks a lot like the old (local) packaging we used to have?
  • Core 4 Test 1 is out, with gcc 4.0 - be afraid, be very afraid (I'll be waiting for Test 2 or 3 at least before trying it out).
  • Rumor mills are finally losing it, it seems: is apparently working on a two-button optical wireless mouse. Like, are you kidding me? Even if it's true, I bet we'll be pining for a scroll wheel next.