Week's End

Much like Michael, we spent a significant portion of the weekend crowd-surfing inside IKEA, Habitat and other temples of house fluff, on a far less inspired quest than, say, the crews of Changing Rooms or While You Were Out.

So, the good news is that my Mac mini has been installed on the server closet. The bad news is that it's staying off until I re-route some cables and get rid of one of the PCs. In the meantime, like Nuno, I'm preparing to move this site to a new location, so with any luck my server closet will have plenty of free room in a few weeks.

There is also a lot more other news, but one of the mostly harmless bits is that I will be trying to render a 3D model of the house again (we've been putting off re-decorating for years now). Pointers to freeware 3D software that can spit out POV-Ray files are most welcome - I haven't touched it in over a year, and I need to get up to speed.

And no, I haven't got more free time all of a sudden. Actually, before I forget:

Things To Get Done:

  • Sort out my unholy mess of SSH keys (One Key To Rule Them All seems a good starting point for me).
  • Sort out my home inbox (300 messages and counting).
  • Publish my dinky new minimalist RRDTool scripts, which have recently had a very stupid bug beaten out of them with a very large stick.
  • Get to grips with Snakelets once and for all (I haven't had the brains for coding anything these past few weeks)
  • Rest. A lot more. Even forcing myself to a daily dose of Farscape hasn't been enough to freshen my ideas, which means I have to start hitting the books again. Check out my Amazon UK Wishlist if you're curious as to what tickles my fancy right now (all the really good books are already on their way).

Ouch, it's 1AM already.

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