Telecommuting, Mac style

Worked from home, tunneling RDP over a few nested SSH sessions to reach a proper Outlook client and (as soon as my colleagues switched it on) my laptop. Interesting to see that even fade effects and audio managed to squeeze through the relatively sparse bandwidth I could manage, and that composing relatively complex e-mails and documents was a perfectly sensible proposition.

The only drawback of this setup is that drag and drop copying of files across the RDP link is slow as molasses (that and the fact that the RDP client should mount my home directory instead of my boot volume, but hey, that's life). Virtue has definitely become part of my arsenal, and helped me maintain sanity by switching to and fro effortlessly.

Over lunch, and following the recent defacements of a few sites I link to and/or follow, I revamped my "layered defense" by shutting out a couple of non-essential ports and services and upgrading my "front door" machine's SSH. Since all my web stuff is custom-built and installed (as well as mostly up-to-date, despite the reported version numbers) and I keep fairly updated backups, I should be reasonably OK.

Still, I would prefer if the idiots constantly trying to get at the standard PhpWiki file structure (which isn't anywhere near where they're poking) would get a clue. As well as the PhpBB script kiddies, and the folk who think cgi-bin actually exists...

All the more reason to ditch Apache and PHP and go for an all-in-one "niche" solution, I guess. That and changing my front-end machine to a non-Intel architecture.

Which reminds me: I haven't heard of my iMac G5 yet, and there have been rumors of sightings of the Mac mini over here. Hmmm...