Look Ma, I'm a 20" Toshiba

Brought work home. Rather than spending all weekend hunched over my 12" Toshiba M100 and scrolling sideways to fit the humongous network diagrams I'm working with, I'm using it via on my 20" (still the G4 - I expect the new one to arrive next week).

It's interesting to note that Visio works beautifully over (even to the point of doing anti-aliased lines, fonts, transparencies, the works) while crawls, rendering the same images miserably as if the screen was 16-color (I have tried it in thousands and millions, and it behaves the same). I will be using 2004 at the earliest opportunity, as soon as all the illustrations are done (even then, I've already noticed that enhanced metafiles do not render that well on - definitely needs to improve that).

A nice thing about that makes it trivial to jump between and a full-screen session is its active window tracking - the only downside is that I sometimes find myself yanked from Visio to another virtual desktop as an session fires up or Software Update takes it upon itself to remind me that I have the new security update pending.

In the meantime, news has been less than interesting, but here are a few tidbits: