Lots of work, around 60 personal mail messages to deal with (quite a few related to buying Macs in Portugal, apparently, of all varieties), far too little time to keep track of the news.

Still, there was something of notice. A few companies have started posting final yearly or post-Xmas results, and Nokia seems to have lost an overall 5% of global market share, mostly at the expense of Samsung (which is my personal bet for next year's second position).

Motorola also seems to be climbing (from roughly 13% last year, if I remember correctly) and I'm still trying to figure out where SonyEricsson is heading, but I can't find results for the last quarter, and average handset prices (which would help in providing a more accurate picture) are even harder to obtain.

The best condensed overview I've found so far is here, and this is the latest manufacturer ranking I could find:

Nokia: 30.4%
Motorola: 15.3%
Samsung: 12.7%
Siemens: 7.2%
LG: 6.5%
Sony Ericsson: 6.2%
Others: 21.7%