Cement Shoes

So, I've been sitting here at home relaxing, reading the news and starting to wonder if I will ever go through the hassle of buying an desktop again.

I don't need (or want) one now, of course, but a laptop seems like the only machine that I can acquire with relative ease. Pedro got a 12" this weekend at one of the FNAC stores (remember, they over-stock), but he was desperate - his 15"'s LCD had died on him, and he wasn't going to London anytime soon.

After all, lots of people have hinted at s having worldwide warranties (mind you, that hasn't helped David's woes over in Düsseldorf), and I do have to visit London occasionally, so I can see myself getting one with relative ease.

From what I can see, it will actually be cheaper even if I have to pay extra for a Portuguese keyboard. And yes, I know how to add VAT.

Sigh. Don't even get me started on the amazing fact that it is impossible to buy internal Bluetooth modules for s unless they are factory-assembled, and that it is one of the few G5 components that I can't service myself. Whatever the reason, this has to be one of the worst product options ever from a company that sells Bluetooth keyboards and mice.

Still, it's not over yet. And neither is my news backlog:

  • Cringely hints that the is all about movies, which ties in nicely with my for H.264 this year, the Music Store's recent addition of movie trailer browsing, and a few other things. Maybe he's right. He did predict the , in a way, and he hasn't let it go to his head. Yet.
  • It's Russell's Birthday. He's now officially my age.
  • Technorati Tags, the latest way to insure you'll miss out on relevant but misclassified content, or drown in irrelevant and misclassified junk. I would add support for it in PhpWiki's Atom feed if I wasn't against post categories in the first place. Maybe I'll code some sort of pseudo-classifier based on Wiki linkage - it's precisely what Tim is looking for, only he doesn't know it yet.
  • Skype for now has conference calling, and there's a public analysis of the protocol. Neither are to be missed.
  • MidpSSH has been updated to version 1.3.2. Haven't updated mine yet.
  • nofollow as an anti-spam measure? Bah. It might make it easier to deal with PageRank shenanigans, but spammers won't care, period.

And finally, our moment of Zen: The Dark Tater - may The Spuds Be With You.