Playing Catch-Up

Work, a mild cold (The Sneezing, Reloaded) and a dinner party prevented me from keeping track of any sort of news the past few days, so here's a stab at recapping.


My . Let's see what else happened, shall we?

Okay, the keynote excitement seems to have died down. I mean, the only people raving about it are the likes of Paul Thurrott, who seems to be bipolar about the whole issue (do I rave about them or against them? etc.) but does make the odd valid point now and then.

Valid points, however, are not being made by the kind of raving lunatics that have such a distorted sense of reality as to go around posting that the iPod Shuffle stifles podcasting - as if podcasting was a driver for any sort of player sales. Or, let's be honest, of any real interest except for the propagation of self-centric blogosphere memes. The spool, as usual, hits the nail on the head, carefully avoiding the use of the quaint English term "w*nkers".

Like I , people are starting to think about putting s in cars and turning them into MythTV-based PVRs.

And, in classical Austin Powers style, it's been dubbed the "Mini Me". The thing is going to sell like hotcakes.


Oooooh, . It will only probably come as standard in Core 5 or so, but it looks like it might be worth the wait. If I had noticed it sooner, it might have made my , just by being based on .

The Marathon Trilogy (a bit of the gaming scene I never got around to enjoy the first time around) is now free for download. Which is fine if you can put up with Classic, but a bit... Old, and somewhat ridiculous on a 20" screen.


Looks like someone finally put into words a lot of what I've already hinted at in the scene. Recommended reading for the US-centric AIM crowd.

I'm getting more and more bored by Garfield comics. There hasn't been a single funny one in months, so I'm replacing it for off-beat stuff like Alien Loves Predator (which, incidentally, has an RSS feed). PVP and , of course, are still top notch. More recommendations for RSS-enabled comics are most welcome.

I've also been looking at Killzone. The reviews are not that hot on the AI and gameplay, but from what I've seen the graphics and sound are reasonable, and it should be a nice game to pick up at discount - I want something I can get in and out of without any hassle (like ), otherwise I won't play it.

The thing is that it's been a while since I played any sort of game, and every time I contemplate doing it on a console I'm reminded of its fiddly controllers. Mousing was always so much better, especially for FPS games.