Yeah, it sounds like shampoo, but has a lot of potential to either clean up 's hairy OS story or make it a whole lot more messier. Further confusing an already erratic roadmap, is now going to run atop .

The crowd goes wild, obviously.

Me, I'm skeptical. Creating a layer atop a minimal kernel will improve portability, foster a whole new generation of (hopefully more open) development tools and, of course, increase 's survival chances, but it's sad to realize that no matter what they run, nothing even comes close to the ease of use of older generations of s - and that's not something you fix by adding more complexity.

Plus this puts a nail in the coffin of 6 even before it's out the door (not to mention the code is still sitting on).

Still, maybe now we'll get a decent toolchain without all of that CodeWarrior and native emulator nonsense - it's not exactly rocket science to port code to the . More like ./configure && make, if your code is properly written to begin with.

We'll see. The only thing that's certain for me: I won't buy another PDA anytime soon, and 's continuous hesitations and shenanigans aren't helping.

On to other news:

  • Someone managed to rip the graphics off the firmware, therefore providing a lot of people with considerable entertainment. Even considering you have to wipe your clean to install them, custom screens are starting to appear here and there:

  • The Isle of Man is being used as a guinea pig again, this time for HSDPA. more. I wonder where they get the backhaul for this (and yes, ).
  • I sorta missed this, but is now pushing SVG again. Interestingly enough, all the phones in that list are virtually identical except for display and radio hardware, so I wonder what took them so long. And Lite (which is also there in all the ones I tested) doesn't get a mention. Hmmm. Finally seeing the standards light?
  • Finally, if you liked my post but live in the US, there's a comprehensive Holiday Gift Guide over at Phone Scoop.

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