Extreme Shopping

After extreme ironing, I may have invented the new danger sport - shopping in Lisbon during the Xmas season, which combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity among ravenous beasts with the stress of buying presents. While I rest my sore feet, here are a few tidbits from the news:

  • There's a new JDK out for the Blackberry.
  • The new Windows hobby: Flying Kites.
  • Behold, Python 2.4. Oh boy, all new language constructs, after all.
  • Wi-Fi for the T5 is now (an expensive and battery-draining) reality.
  • Via 2lmc, the most elusive of software animals: Nokia Collector, a Nokia application for the Mac that actually works. You can think of it as a glorified version of the Bluetooth File Exchange applet with the ability to define "collections" that you can sync with your Bluetooth devices. I can report it working sucessfully with my V800, although it seems to be choking on the 10MB Simpsons video David created for our tests...