Fall of the Web Wall

Okay. Out of the following three launches today:

...which one would you compare to the fall of the Berlin Wall 15 years ago?

I bet they scheduled it for today on purpose. And the start page is going to creep out to no end, too...

Other interesting stuff:

  • uDevGames. the Game Developer Contest (via Melo). l1neum and SolarQuest are pretty damn good - don't know about the rest.
  • Delicious Library is interesting, but has a showstopper bug for me: It's fetching item descriptions from Amazon in german. I can read several languages, but this is ridiculous. Still, it imported all my Collection data flawlessly and works with my Bluetooth barcode scanner.
  • The Skype CEO's interview to Engadget (only got around to read it today).
  • Updated apt packages for Core 3 are out already, as well as read-only NTFS support and a couple more things. I'm waiting on the Wi-Fi driver for my (yeah, I could always compile it, but it's not that urgent - Bluetooth support is the one thing I need to fix ASAP).

Take Back The Web

I'm pretty knackered out (so much that I've edited this post for typos eight times already), but here's my contribution to the Firefox craze - a themed site header that will be in forced rotation for the remainder of the week: