Fedora Core 3

Yes, Core 3 is out, and I thought it would be interesting to jot down some sort of follow-up to .

Since I had added an enornous amount of junk packages trying to get a few Mono and things running, I removed my previous Test 3 installation and did a full install on my 8100.

The good news: I now have sound support. The built-in YMF-744B audio controller (snd-ymfpci) works out of the box with Core 3, at least for basic alerts (haven't tried any music yet, although I'll have a stab at playing DVDs once I have time to install VideoLAN).

This time around, however, Wi-Fi setup took a little more time: around a couple of minutes. The trick was to remove all the previous network devices using the Gnome network settings applet and re-add the wireless interface set to "Auto".

As to general impressions, it's virtually identical to Test 3 (only a few packages have been updated that I've noticed). Of course it doesn't have the current Gnome bleeding edge release (it's the still-fresh-and-slightly-quirky 2.8), but it feels every bit as polished as the other incarnations, has everything I need and is organized the way I'm used to. Can't beat that, and I'll be upgrading all my boxes to it as time permits.