Business as Usual

  • I'm honored that Michael, whose cleanliness of design embodies the Zen of what I tried to attain here, blogged about to Kubrick and bumped my bandwidth up around 25% (his posting time matches the traffic increase to the minute). All the more incentive to get the rest of the site finished. :)
  • has been updated to 0.71 - it's the first time I've ever updated an application to fix "a crash involving Tic Tac Toe". Don't tell anybody, but pfig, a staunch Proteus supporter, is trying it (and complaining bitterly about how he doesn't like it).
  • A neat Bluetooth mini-mouse. I prefer mice with AAA batteries (and real rechargeables), but the recharging trick is nice - and with a standard cable, too.
  • Tomboy gets a new icon. Neat. Minimalistic. Easily recognizable. Jakub's taste remains impeccable.
  • Looks like we're finally going to use those black and grey lists. Finally, IMEIs being put to the use they were designed for, not unlike GPS.
  • Until my notes are up, you can look at this.
  • Why do I keep getting reminded of Silent Running? All those robots need is a watering can and a little spade.
  • There's a freeware Spectrum emulator for UIQ phones (something to test on a when I get my hands on one for more than a day).

And finally, our moment of Zen: I find it utterly amazing that people dressed up as advertisements for Halloween.

Thanks to all who dropped a sympathetic note regarding my cold. I can breathe fairly normally now, which, considering I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, is definetly good news.