Completely Biased News Coverage

  • The US are going nuts over the upcoming election - so much so that I've added "kerry" and "bush" to my "kill words" list in procmail, only to find that SpamAssassin was already scoring those as spam words...
  • pfig has reached critical mass and is ready to start reinventing the Wiki wheel. He will, of course, do it in Perl, which is much, much more manly than (expect more fun in the upcoming weeks).
  • Gruber takes another stab at both the and Paul Thurrott, which was not wholly unexpected (Paul has been missing the mark a bit lately, but the Windows sheep would never dare pointing that out...)
  • mySQL 4.1 is now production-stable. Considering we've been running it for a year now, it's about time.
  • Welcome to 1001, Flickr fans. It looks great, but tracking RSS photo feeds in "twitch" mode is a bit too much for me.
  • Keyhole, a new franchise. Completely US-centric, of course (Uzbekistan gets more image detail than Europe), and likely to be one of the most controversial ventures ever. Right after its version of desktop search, of course.
  • The Internet is 35 Today. I'm slightly older - I remember handling punch cards.