Zero CPU

Got my e-mail under control again, got some fresh air, spent a lot of time editing CSS and images (web design is always such a relaxing thing, until you start testing on ...), looked at some news. Only two things really caught my interest today, but there isn't much I can do about them right now:

  • WindowMaker, the only X window manager that I could tolerate until Gnome hit 2.0, has been massively updated to version 0.90.0. The thing was so damn clean and efficient that I'll be giving it a whirl as soon as I can get my to work again (it now switches off the LCD when going into X).
  • The Treo 650 keeps causing a stir, even before it's officially launched. Having fiddled with a 600 and knowing the limitations of the current Palm OS, I can't say it's likely to be that exciting, but we'll be hearing about it for the next week or so, so we might as well get used to it...

Oh, and another about this year's phones: asinine Bluetooth "non-features". I'm not (yet) talking about the sort of crippling you see in the US, but stupid things like being able to send a single picture via OBEX, but not a set of marked/selected ones. The functionality is there (and in some cases was definetly there in older models/revisions), but the menus were replaced by operator "featurettes". I'm willing to bet which menus people would use the most, if they had the chance.