The iPod Goes Visual, iTMS in Portugal

Yep. 40 and 60GB models with AV output, right here, stating a 15h battery life (and me thinking of purchasing a new battery for my old 1G ...). Plus a new version of (4.7 - hope it doesn't break DAAP) that integrates with to sync photo albums.

Oh, and the Music Store is now open for Portugal. I hear that Melo (who notes the new boasts "upgradable firmware enables support for future audio formats") and Pedro had to be forcefully restrained from buying all the music our backwater distributors never released in Portugal.

The doctors think they will be alright in a few days. Melo has even found a workaround for his addiction, but I have a simpler solution:


          [ ] Show iTunes Music Store
       Uncheck this

          [ ] Show links to Music Store
        And this

There. No more pesky Music Store temptations.