The Duck

Okay, so I got tricked into installing , and am putting it through a "taofication" process (which consists of removing every single scrap of extraneous and ridiculously non-functional eye-candy). It's crashed twice on me already, so I'll stick to the good points:

  • Tabbed interface (preserves screen real estate) but with tearaway tabs (real neat touch).
  • Jabber and Rendezvous support (which, together with its support, might just be the thing for my home LAN notifications).
  • Several emoticon sets (I like the Yahoo set when talking through Yahoo, and the MSN set when talking through MSN, although sometimes mixes them up).
  • Great Address Book integration (the contact grouping and contact photo features alone are enough to warrant my using it after the second crash).
  • Individual event handlers for contacts - great for when you're waiting for someone to come back from a meeting.

All I need is a different color duck. Tan, light grey or drab orange would be nice, but for now, the Milk icon will do (although the Yoda duck caught my eye...).

As to the news... Hmmm. Ah, yes, the news:

  • The iBook and G5 product lines were updated - we get a better iBook and an entry-level G5, check the site for details.
  • A Traffic Analysis that caught my eye, off the local users mailing-list. Of course it's extremely vendor-biased, but nevertheless interesting.

Nothing more of much interest, really.

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