Lots of stuff happening. Getting my act together is starting to become an issue again - the only missing piece seems to be syncing my to my . Well, either that or using a single master To Do list and iCal/WebDAV).

There are several solutions available, but the ones I've tried so far (for either approach) handle accented characters very poorly. I'm thinking of rolling my own calendar sync gizmo.

On with the news:

  • stars doing desktop searches (and you thought bought Lookout out of the kindness of their heart?).
  • The Client has been bumped to version 1.0.3, with "improved stability". Apparently cut and paste has been fixed this time around. MSN was updated too.
  • The new themes seem to be controversial
  • Engadget discovers PVRs. Well, not PVRs, but geekish interest in recording TV shows and playing them back on a PC (which is every geek's first reaction until they figure out they really want an appliance).
  • The OQO surfaces. We're likely to see a lot of reviews of it in the next few days until the glamour wears off.
  • pfig has been dipping into Ruby. I guess RubyCocoa is nice enough for me to look into it at some point in time.