Thought of the Day

Never use smartctl on a machine that isn't in arm's reach.

That said, on with the links:

  • has been bumped to 0.24. I have no idea where the changelog is, but the .dmg file is on its way over as I type this. Get it. Try it out. It grows on you.
  • The Blackberry/7290 surfaces. I was hoping for a slightly revamped design, but it looks exactly the same as my 7230 - let's hope the new screen doesn't dent the (so far, excellent) battery life.
  • The first virus is spotted in the wild. Richard Attenborough's expedition to find it is still uploading pictures, since they had to shoot everything in RAW format to avoid spreading it.
  • After spending a couple of hours inside Freehand relearning old tricks, these were a humble reminder that I'm not a real graphics designer.
  • is said to be releasing FlexWiki. Er... Reality check time. ? using Sourceforge? What next, source in CVS?
  • I agree with Melo that the new Bloglines initiative looks like a winner. Let's see how fast it spreads in three months, and whether it will survive being overrun by markteting-oriented "twists" (i.e., I don't think it will be free for long).
  • You should really be using a Mac now. Seriously. 'nuff said, I guess.
  • Solarian II for . I remember playing this on my über-cool bleeding edge IIfx, which crashed at odd intervals due to its brand new (and somewhat flaky) 68030 CPU, which, as folk were kind to point out, wasn't the only unique feature of the machine (Frank commented: Among the features that made it a little buggy were the new graphics cards (the 8*24GC), special black SCSI terminator, and special memory. Biggest IIfx frustration: that Apple didn't support the direct memory access for SCSI (a touted feature) until System 7.5.). I was running 7.1 at the time, I think. Yeah, it's been that long for me.

And our moment of Zen just had to be Upgrade your Dog. When dogs start carrying digicams, the term "watchdog" takes on an entirely new meaning.