Linking Spree

(Compiled during 30s breaks throughout the day whenever I couldn't put up with Word and Excel anymore.)

  • New Tiger features, like PDF annotation in Preview(hope they are working on a "facing pages" display, which would be vastly more useful...), Address Book sharing and the like.
  • Nokia starts using SD Cards - I just hope they have the decency to use regular-sized ones instead of that mini-SD crap.
  • Yahoo buys MusicMatch. All of a sudden, it's all over again.
  • Cisco buys a SIP shop. Maybe they're feeling guilty about their initial Call Manager. Maybe they wised up to the fact that it's the future. But they're full of cash, for sure.
  • A Wi-Fi-enabled video Clié. Oh boy. Talk about missing the boat again - but by a wide price margin. Still, it's getting a lot of coverage: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • Missing the clues about IM in the workplace. Interestingly enough, some years back people thought mobile phones (the analog, brick kind) were a security issue. Today, it's cameraphones and IM. Isn't progress great?
  • Russell does a double-take at the mobile data prices in Europe. A pocket calculator can show that fixed data prices dropped nearly 800% during that 40% mobile drop (and I'm talking man-on-the-street pricing here). Of course, I wasn't talking about Portuguese cable or ADSL.
  • The "Death Star" (it's been quite a long time since I saw AT&T referred to by that name) launches the ugliest Sidekick clone. Ever. The Force is strong on this one, though.
  • Vodafone launches a Pocket PC device. Figured it would happen anytime now.
  • Skype is coming to Palm, apparently. Considering the slim support for Wi-Fi, they better have an innovative twist in store...
  • Oodles of Pentax cameras: a digital SLR, a compact and a digital video thingy.
  • iPod owners might like to know there is a new, improved replacement battery. Always nice to keep in mind.
  • Along the lines of khtml2png, Mac OS X users can now enjoy webkit2png, another bit of Python magic I'll be fiddling with if I ever have enough free time.
  • Gruber waxes lyrical about BBEdit 8. I never used it (and that doesn't stop me from hating the new icon), but there is great commentary in that article.
  • Do we really need another picture transfer protocol? Especially a likely-to-be-insecure-as-hell one? And will Apple sue these guys for duplicating the iPod's scroll wheel?
  • Finally, if you're not on a Mac (or if you are and need something else besides Safari, go get Firefox. Both Thunderbird 0.8 and Firefox 1.0 Preview are full of good, unobtrusive, and above all simple and useful changes.