Crumbs and Diffs

After recovering from yesterday's partying and taking in some fresh air (plus the requisite amount of weekend shopping), I took the time to tweak a few odds and ends of the site layout (no Windows fixes yet, mind you) and dipped into the PhpWiki CVS for a few extra features I never got around to implement myself, like RelatedChanges and the neat little Page Trail you will find under the page title.

I've half a mind to drop in highlight support as well (my current highlight tag can only deal with ), but the tussle with RelatedChanges reminded me of how inanely baroque PhpWiki can be.

For instance, suppose you want an RSS feed of all Wiki changes related to . It's easy enough - in fact, it's right here. But I cannot for the life of me extend it to support a full week's worth of changes - you only get the last two days or so, regardless of where I try to hack it in, since PhpWiki's internals (and its extensive subclassing) override it someplace.

Still, it wasn't a fruitless effort - In the process of trying to track down the culprit, I set up a couple of source trees and started comparing my own PhpWiki fork with the official CVS, and 's diff action led me to the fabulous (from which Meld derived a lot of inspiration). If you have installed, check it out - it's a graphical diff on steroids, with the kind of simplicity and elegance that makes shine.

Heck, one of these days I might even stop using vim.