Vertical Foreshortening

There is nothing wrong with your browser. We are controlling transmission. We already controlled the horizontal. We now control the vertical.

I decided to shorten the page vertically by drastically reducing the number of blog posts on the home page (RecentChanges is there for a reason, after all). I also removed all the badge junk and descriptive text for the blogroll and links, which incidentally also cuts down a bit on bandwidth and speeds up page load tremendously (less requests, even using pipelining).

Additionally, I picked up this nifty menu library and hid the four small photo log teasers - now moving your mouse over the last photo reveals the other last four, which is another way to save vertical space. Since they're not random any more (you always see the last 5 photos), browser caching also helps cut down on bandwidth a bit.

I don't like to use JavaScript, but in this case it adds to the overall experience - and I think I'll be using these menus in the photo album itself, which is in dire need of better navigation...

We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your browser.

Unless it's , of course.

Which reminds me: I really should see if IE7 fixes the placement bugs I had with my old test layout (Melo brought it to my attention again).