Geek Timeline

(Warning: absolutely uninteresting post ahead. It's Summer, for chrissakes)

07:00 - Woke up.

07:30 - Woke up again, exercised, showered, shaved, dressed, breakfasted (not necessarily in that order)

08:30 - Logged in to corporate VPN, reviewed my schedule for today (I had previously warned that I would stay home for part of the morning, but everyone enjoys playing calendar battleships with me nevertheless), fetched updated work documents from central World Domination repository.

09:00 - Walked "piping inspector" around the house, listening to vaguely interested noises about condition of walls and plumbing.

09:30 - Settled down for an hour and a half reviewing work documentation and commenting upon said via e-mail.

11:00 - Ran out of battery. For completeness, also switched off phone. Left for office.

11:20 - Arrived at office, fielded a bunch of vendor calls, put phone in silent mode and resumed wading through Word and PowerPoint files.

13:15 - Nearly forgot to have lunch.

14:30 - Postponed 15:00 meeting to 16:00. Started doing background research for internal papers due on Friday.

16:30 - 16:00 meeting finally gets going. I despair of ever getting around to do what I'm supposed to do, go out to the Net and fetch yesterday's Dilbert strip as compensation:

18:30 - I pack up my laptop and go down to the new testing facility to help set up the Summit 48 15020 I had stowed under my desktop for the last year and donated to the cause. The thing can practically slice brea, boil eggs and uncurl your bacon (I never tried getting coffee out of it, but I bet it would squirt latte out of the optical ports), yet we only need it for a couple of VLANs. Murphy picks that moment to remind me that my Toshiba/M100 has no built-in serial ports.

19:15 - I finish configuring stuff and head for home, reflecting on the fact that no matter how much management paperwork I'm doing, I still have to deal with serial ports. Thus, I am still too much in the engineering side of things. I consider becoming less technically apt as a promotion strategy, but in the end decide that simply choosing to not do some stuff might be just as effective.

20:00 - SMSd my location, exercised, showered (need another shave), dressed again. I settle down for another stint of document reviews, forget to have dinner.

21:45 - Battery runs out on work laptop. My Mac's gong resounds in the living room. I check the news, nothing of any real interest except the Optio S5i and the wierd Optio X. dbagg looks interesting, but I don't have the inclination to code right now.

22:13 - Mom calls, for the requisite five minutes of "Yes Mom" replies that are the staple of most sitcoms. I decide to release accumulated stress by playing Halo on my Mac (at least with a mouse I can aim properly), fall foul of the pixel shader bug -

Halo Crashes after the first chapter.

If you have 10.3.2 and a nvidia 5200fx card the startup option box allows you to select Pixel Shaders.  Pixel Shaders do not currently work on 5200 cards. We are working with NVidia to enable pixel shader support in a future patch of Halo.
When you launch the game, please make sure you select Vertex Shading only. DO NOT select Pixel Shaders.

23:30 - I eventually get tired and fetch my iPod and a book.