Odds And Ends Of A Busy Friday

  • The first sighting of the Nokia/6230i. I like the 6230 a lot, but have spent most of my time testing SonyEricsson phones and marvelling at their superior Bluetooth abilities and screens. Since I've come to the conclusion that the Series 60 is beginning to suffer from platform bloat, it will be nice to try out a Series 40/45 phone again - if the 6230i exists at all, of course. The photos look pretty dodgy...
  • Looks like Windows XP SP2 will have, amongst other things, a revamped Bluetooth interface (besides the revamped Wi-Fi client I've been fiddling with for the past few months). I wonder how it will work with my Toshiba/M100, which disappointingly doesn't support any audio profiles in its Bluetooth stack - but then, I don't intend to upgrade to SP2 anytime soon (I have a two-year record of not reinstalling XP that I'd like to beat some day).
  • Ah, so Bluetooth can have a 1.08 mile radius after all. And me wondering why my headset stopped working when I left the room... It must be defective. :p
  • Xcode 1.5 is out, with gcc 3.3 and Subversion support (besides better ant support as well, which looks like something I should look into).
  • A great-looking client-server aggregator I will also be looking into. Having something that could enable P2P/distributed classification and rating of RSS feeds is a notion that has been hovering somewhere near the back of my mind ever since I saw Peerkat.
  • More proof that Wi-Fi is inherently insecure. This won't work in some commercial hotspots, but is a definite wake-up call for getting thinks like SIM-based authentication up and running... Of course, some people think tin foil is the answer - now conveniently available in wallpaper form.