Summer Oddities

Late last night I finally finished a screen-scraper I had been writing on and off for a while now - Python's HTMLParser class lends itself to a great many uses, and once I got the hang of it, generating an RSS feed off an antique site turned out to be (mostly) trivial. One little thing, though: Make sure you get your guids straight.

In the meantime, the SliMP3/Squeezebox guys have upgraded the display on the newer Squeezebox models, which makes them look really cool. My SliMP3 is still working fine, though, and having no moving parts whatsoever, I suspect I'll be using it for a long while yet...

Asterisk gets a Mac OS X GUI Tool, therefore providing me with quite a neat toy.

Tidbit of the day: Lookout, suggested by Ricardo Pereira. Just goes to show you that you can have lightning-fast indexing and searches without all the crud the standard Microsoft Indexing Service carries around...

Oh, and it looks like .Mac now supports aliases, so I can finally be spammed by the same alias across all my domains.

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