End Of Week

Meetings. Lots of meetings. Not too productive ones this time around, although one of them was slow enough for me to patch screen under Cygwin without missing a beat.

Since I have brought a significant amount of printed dead tree material to review over the weekend, I'll just fire off a few links and get on with the process of resting enough to be able to read through 500-odd pages tomorrow:

  • Russell got a Mac - maybe now he'll add me to his blogroll ;). Other would-be Switchers are urged to read .
  • Davi has amassed a number of Portuguese streaming resources, has (finally ;)) been reading up on usability and published a few interesting notes on HTTP Proxy Tunnelling. Watch as the Incredible Houdini escapes yet another network...
  • Melo has a new Ambrosio out (boy, this is sure a wierd sentence to type...). It's making me want to look into SIP-based again.
  • The HipTop seems to have resurfaced 1, 2, but the question remains - is it that good? Since it's reportedly going to be manufactured by Sharp, it's going to be interesting seeing where it ends up...
  • I really can't get excited about this anymore, but it's going to be interesting to read the review in a couple of days.
  • is going to push SPF bigtime, by deploying it for Hotmail. Of course, there is something ironic about the biggest spam repository in the planet doing this, but hey, it's a definite step forward (and yes, I should get around to creating SPF records for my own use...).
  • GIF support has returned to the GD library, right after the ludicrous Unisys patent expired. In a world of mobile devices, it's nice to have a tried and tested option again - and one less thing to toggle the zealot bit in some folk.

Finally, I had to feature this as today's moment of Zen. Not even KITT can top it.