Off Hook

Puttered around the house cleaning up stuff (should have done that before yesterday's dinner with friends, but the house was presentable anyway), reading, watching TV, letting my neurons settle for what promises to be a stressful week. Listened to a lot of Sting (bought the "Inside" DVD), which despite being considered "square" in some circles is one of the few things that really relax me (his insightful lyrics and intertwined melodies seem to have a calming effect on my burned-out neural pathways).

Groomed my Address Book a bit so that I could get my in sync, switched off in as it is painfully slow over SSL. Found I had around twenty unanswered e-mails.

I apologise, guys and gals, but I'll be getting to you soon - Chris got a reply with three days' delay, which looks about average right now, and it is Sunday, after all.

Backed up my laptop, leafed through a couple of books, wrote this, made a mental note to look for language courses starting in September, made another to figure out if I'm going to bother taking the GMAT after that, got a nice reminder from iCal that my Cordless Collector still hasn't arrived - it was ordered in June 19th, for chrissakes.

Went off to bed.

Tomorrow I'm back into corporate reality, and all hell is going to be breaking loose like any regular Monday.