Bigger, Better, Faster

Well, it looks as though I was one of the last people to catch up on news today. Most of that is due to the usual Monday stresses, but I must say the lack of a video feed from WWDC was the main reason (I often pull those up and leave them running on the dock as I work, looking in when something interesting is announced).

Even though I have a 20" , I am positively drooling over the new 30" Apple Cinema HD Display - it's definetly going on my as soon as I find the time (not sure if I'll ever find the money for it, but 2560x1600 seems a nice thing to wish for).

I'm still going over the Tiger Preview (and the pot shots at above), but the first thing that caught my eye was the RSS support in . It looks a lot like browser-side XSLT, and it will be very useful indeed. Nearly as much as the enhanced .Mac support.

Can't say I care much for Dashboard, though. It looks like a bad Konfabulator knock-off. We'll see how it works in a year or so.

Update: It turns out there's a WWDC stream available now (too bad it's not H.264 yet), and that I've missed one of the best features so far: Spotlight, which finally brings us smart folders in mail. It's not going to kill off , though - It's too mouse-centric, and is (besides fully keyboard-driven) almost perfect for laptop users.