Exausted and filled with sashimi to the brim. Very little of real interest today, actually (I really should get back to coding some stuff - my latest hobby is trying to get the SDK to run on , and it has been remarkably unsuccessful so far). So, on with the show:

  • The Nokia/5140 is finally shipping, with PoC support. It works well technically, but I can't see it working from a practical point of view unless you're a bike courier or something.
  • The Gmail indicator I mentioned the other day has been upgraded to 0.2. Yay.
  • H.264 gets a forklift upgrade and makes it into the HD DVD format. It feels oddly like reusing a granite block from the Pyramids on a seaside villa.
  • It took people this long to figure out digital photography users don't actually print most of their photos. Better still, people are willing to pay for such nuggets of raw insight.

And, of course, here's the usual moment of Zen. Hold the anchovies, please.