Syndication Flavors

Ever since I've decided to prevent folk from stealing my bandwidth, I get around one e-mail a week from people using web-based aggregators asking for some way to get my feed without images or suggesting a degraded/branded version.

So I looked into it again, and, guess what, stripping the images was a one-line fix. But since the vast majority of my RSS subscribers seem to be using NetNewsWire, I decided to make the text-only feed an option (which turned it into a five-line fix).

You can find the link to the new feed on the sidebar and right here. I'd appreciate feedback if you have any sort of problems with it.

15 milliseconds of Fame

I was recently asked to provide my views on Apple's likely moves where it regards an European iTunes music store. To my surprise, I was quoted alongside Tim Bajarin, whose columns I used to read like, ten years ago.

How time flies...

Tin Foil

Today's Moment of Zen is courtesy of Ricardo Pereira.

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