How To Be Extremely Lame On The Internet

(a three-step guide - Warning, some URLs are not work-safe)

Being utterly fed up with referral spam and people trying to suck out my photos or inline images (which, by the way, are compressed as much as I can, because I have a puny link) I went and modified my referrer checks, which now return a small warning image:

I've temporarily added Bloglines to my .htaccess file, if only because they generate a lot of my traffic. But all users of web-based aggregators are encouraged to read this and either take 20 minutes to code the first bit of it into their aggregators or suggest it to their aggregator service.

I will also look again into bandwidth throttling, since I need to throttle down avid photo fans during the evenings (sorry, but everyone else needs to have a go, and I need to have Internet access too) and tarpit the morons that keep trying to get their URLs listed on the Referrers page.

And now, for our moment of Zen: a proof of patience if I ever saw one (thanks to João Antunes for the link).

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