Short News Bites

  • The news was awash with reports of SonyEricsson gaining on Nokia, but people keep forgetting Nokia ships around 36% of mobile phones worldwide and has a overwhelming majority in some markets. Still, it's nice to see them not only staying afloat but also churning out products like the SonyEricsson/K700. It's not a Nokia/6600, but it's getting there.

  • Looks like Zebra is finally getting some competition, which is nice. The project has stalled a bit, and Open Source alternatives might be a way to spur Cisco. After all, they are the unspoken monopoly now (the other one tends to steal the limelight).

  • More blurbs on the death of Bluetooth and the Wireless USB uprising. Oh well. I suppose Broadcomm's recent acquisition is a throwaway, then.

  • Another Quicksilver update is out.

  • The new Mac RSS reader everyone is raving about (even if it's not out yet):