Ming, Flash and Graph Layouts

It all started when I refactored the site header with Todd Dominey's neat little Flash slideshow, which I then tried to re-create using ming.

(The top navigation tabs are known to behave in a somewhat funky way in Windows browsers when mixed with Flash. That will be fixed sometime during the weekend - by making entirely new ones hanging off the right-hand edge - and only affects the home page. And yes, I do allow for non-Flash browsers. Drop me a line if yours hates my markup.)

Then I started toying with graph layout algorithms. Doing them in ActionScript is a right pain, but PHP and ming make a nice pre-processor. Dumbing down the layout for my purposes (coding a replacement for my SeeAlso plugin) made it even simpler.

My intentions of taking it easy and putting up something on Sunday were shattered sometime around 4 AM, when the graph layout started working and I got a halfway decent ming font. Now I have neat labels on the nodes:

And soon, soon I will have hyperlinks and rule the Universe!


Nothing like a good night-long coding spree to kick off the weekend, I guess. Off to bed now.