• Ricochet is back. The original Ricochet went under a while back, but the concept seems to be back. Nevertheless, there are some dumb ideas about targeted advertising already. Expect them to tank too.
  • SMS takes off in the US (finally).
  • RIM is making a bundle. I wonder how long it will take for a real competitor to emerge.


  • Wierdest thing on the Net this week. As far as viral marketing goes, this promises to be a success thanks to its tremendous insights on human nature

  • may have got something right -

    And now the most vocal of those competitors, Sun, is out of the game completely, saying only nice-nice about Microsoft from here forward.
    How convenient.
    A billion to Real and another to Apple, and Microsoft will have silenced all of its victims, bolstering its European legal appeal and making the EU look stupid in the process. You heard it here first.