Nokia's Lifeblog

Now here's something interesting: A Series 60 application that gathers MMS, SMS, notes, pictures and video files off your phone and builds a digital diary. People are calling it " for mobile phones", it will be out in Summer and, of course, there's a catch: the full version will cost Eur. 30.

Expect a lot of Web publishing extensions to crop up soon afterward, as well as more than a few moblogging services...

Mobile TLD Re-Surfaces

After a couple of years toing and froing, it looks like the Mobile Top-Level Domain Initiative is moving again: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5.

If ICANN gives the nod on this, we'll also get a new registrar for the TLD. Nevertheless, despite the obvious advantages in terms of creating new opportunities for mobile services, creating a new TLD just for mobile-optimized content seems a bit extreme for old Internet fogies like me - after all, one of the basic premises of the W3C used to be that every device should be able to access all of the Internet, even if it couldn't render it perfectly.

I think it was Jeff Bezos that said (or at least proved beyond any reasonable doubt) that "it's not the domain name, it's what you do with it". Oh, yeah, I forgot about WAP. Sorry about that.

New Qt/ KDE Binaries

...are up at, courtesy of Benjamin Reed.


I usually loathe P2P applications, but this one could be genuinely useful for small companies (FirstClass is better and I've seen it in use at a couple of places, but this one is free):