Water On Mars

OK, ok, so now we know (after spending $820 million, which is relatively cheap as far as space exploration goes) that there was water on Mars. Of course finding actual traces of life is an entirely different thing, but I expect all sorts of nutcases will come crawling out of the woodwork now and claim there were live Martians who colonized the Earth millions of years ago just after the dinosaurs died, etc. etc.

as a Telco?

The news was full of speculation today on 's ability to create a VoIP service out of the blue. Er... So what? I mean, do we have to fear them on every single possible market (especially one they are not into)?

Silent Unreal

It turns out there is a gigantic bug in the Unreal Tournament 2004 demo for that makes the game actually playable - with the sound off. I gotta try this one for a laugh...

Where Art Thou, Samsung?

Just after reading this piece on the Samsung OS 5 smartphones still being in limbo (which was noticeable, since the Samsung/SGH-i505 would have been the perfect smartphone six months ago) I eventually came across this piece on the SGH-i530 (which may be bogus, since I've found no other confirmation so far). Anyway, where are all those Palm smartphones we keep hearing about?

Updates All Around

VideoLAN was bumped to 0.71, Audacity to 1.2.0, to 4.0.1, Jam Pack to 1.0.1, AirPort to 3.3.1, Freehand to 11.0.2 and to 7.0.2.